Before the start of any business undertaking, one ought to ensure availability of capital to run their business. These include funds to purchase the first batch of goods for sale or procure equipment to offer services among other costs. Often marketing is done by word of mouth for a start up business, and more so those who don’t undertake online transactions. However, there are easier ways of doing business for any business, more so with the advent of the internet and e-commerce.

What is WordPress?

WordPress provides a platform to all users, to create different websites to reach out to their clients. You could use the website to promote your products or sell your products and services, but it’s even more popular to bloggers. It began as a single bit code to enhance topography of any writing, but it has since grown to accommodate a full content management system with thousands of users. There is nothing, or no website you cannot build in WordPress, only that which you believe you cannot build but why encourage negative thoughts?

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