How to get started with WordPress

WordPress has created a platform whereby creating your website has become so easy. It no longer entails the cumbersome coding hence anyone can easily develop their website. Here’s a three step guide how to begin your WordPress website.

Get a platform

The platform is readily available. The platform has been provided by content management systems (CMS). One of the most popular CMS’ being WordPress. CMS is a user-friendly platform that allows you to manage your online content as well as build websites. The platform should, however, be user-friendly, easy to use, responsive, as well as has the capability of dedicated support and development team. All this is provided by WordPress; hence it’s a suitable platform.

Find a domain name and host

The domain name is chosen based on the nature of the website. For a business website, for instance, the domain name should relate to the company, whereas that of a personal website, your name could play the role. You should, however, choose a memorable name, one that can be branded and it should be catchy. Hosting could, however, cost you a little sum in spite of the platform being free, but you could choose to host your website.

Get your website up and running

Upon choosing the domain name, and the host, then it’s time to bring your website to live. To make work easier and commence your business install WordPress in your domain and you are good to go.


With the much ease in transacting and operating websites, all that is needed to take your business to the next level is a WordPress account, and on taking the step, the rest will fall into place.

Top 10 recommended free themes for WordPress


Customizr is an easy to use and customize WordPress theme. It’s designed with the clients’ engagement in mind. Hence, allowing easy creation of customer friendly and mobile friendly websites that are compatible with any web browser. This plays a great role in enhancing client access and satisfaction. It’s however, simple and easy to use.


Responsive is among the most popular themes in WordPress. It is a convenience to any user with among the ablest capability being the accessibility through 45 languages all over the world. It has been installed by over 100000 active users. Popular features include; a nine-page template, six template layout, 11 widget area among others. It’s easy to use, and it’s adaptable to use and is mobile friendly as well.


Hueman is a highly popular WordPress theme. It’s mostly used in blogs and magazines due to its responsiveness and high resolution. It provides a great reading experience on mobiles and tablets making it easy to reach a lot of readers.


Vantage is the go to theme for online sellers. It’s a flexible multipurpose theme, with a strong integration for the powerful plug-ins like the page builder and the woocommerce to help users sell online.


Spacious is an incredibly multi-purpose responsive theme, which has attracted a lot of users. Currently, it supports over 60000 active installations. It’s versatile; allowing for blogging, personal website, and businesses among others. Its key features are; two-page template, 13widgets, primary color option to match your logo and website, five custom widgets that are solely business templates just to mention a few.


The Virtue theme is highly versatile with tons of alternatives, not forgetting the ease of customization. It’s a fully equipped commerce design with the tools you need to create your online store. It’s appropriate for any business, personal site, online store or a portfolio.


Sydney is one of the most popular, fully responsive and powerful WordPress business themes. It offers a variety of options for customization, hence the ability to tune it to your music. Among the most appreciated features are; logo upload, layout control, full-screen slider, header image, full-color control, access to Google Fonts among others.


Graphene is a popular theme, that’s user-friendly. It allows for customization and has packed features to allow for easy navigation through the theme. It’s available in more than thirty languages hence can easily reach a wide range of readers. The free version is however not responsive.


Evolve is a responsive, multi-user purpose and mobile friendly WordPress theme. This theme includes the Parallax slider and slick Bootstrap. Moreover, there are some different slider and animated effects to enhance the movement of images and captions into position and then back out of frame again. Customizing the theme is simple and easy with the theme customizer.


Suffice is a fully customized, free WordPress business theme. It has plenty of customization options, and it allows you create a multi-purpose website for corporate use, agency, portfolio, and blogs among others. Suffice is based on WordPress Customizer so that you can customize the whole theme with real-time live previews.